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Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism is one of the world’s largest industries with a combined economic contribution to the tune of $7.5 trillion. It is a burgeoning industry that has a heavy dependence on technology for functioning- right from marketing and promotions, sales and reservations. Travel and tourism includes Accommodation, transportation and tourism and involves functions like flight/train/bus booking, car rentals, hotel and home stay booking, sight-seeing packages etc. Technology is heavily intertwined into each of these functions with travel companies leveraging technology to enhance travel experience right from planning a vacation, to booking and the actual vacation.

The penetration of technology in the travel and tourism industry is extremely high. Around 97% of the total flight bookings and about 65% of all hotel bookings are done online. This is only testimony to the fact that technology in travel is not new and to grow or even stay in this business, travel companies need to keep up with new technological trends and ensure that their product not only caters to the market needs but also creates value for its customers.

how we can help

Hugely popular and successful sharing economy platform, Airbnb, is what it is today because it catered to a very specific need that was hitherto neglected. The story goes that the founders decided to rent out sleeping space in their home with an air mattress to people and serve them breakfast for a fee. This formed the foundation of this billion-dollar startup which immediately served the need for tourists to find affordable accommodation by connecting them with people who had the extra space.

ITWIX  has partnered with companies belonging to various sectors of travel and tourism building world-class products and solutions custom designed to cater to the needs of the markets they operate in. Some of the solutions built by us include-

  • Flight and hotel booking platform

  • P2P Car-sharing Marketplace

  • Homestay and accommodation Marketplace

  • Trip planning and booking platform

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