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SAP Upgrade


We help you empower your business with SAP software technologies




It is imperative to catch-up with technological changes and improvements which are implemented in newer versions and to achieve this, upgrades are required. ITWIX’s fleet of certified and expert consultants made the challenge technical upgrades or functional expansion, an easy task. This gives value to the customers to achieve more from the current SAP investment.

It is necessary to scale the impact brought by the upgrade on both functional and technical side. ITWIX helps to make a perfect assessment for such impact on business and also help to understand the customer how the business as usual can run without much hassle and identify the technological or operation service required during such upgrade.
When it comes to upgrade we always gives the priority to have less impact on the existing running transaction by keeping the down time minimal or what is require. This comes naturally to ITWIX with several upgrade experiences.

Our upgrade services consist:


  • Identification of required technological upgrade, its business and technical benefits.

  • Complete stepwise execution plan for the upgrade.

  • Involvement of customer and other stakeholders from business to understand the impact of the upgrade.

  • Make the upgrade infrastructure available to make the technical activity smooth and timely execution.

  • Use the SAP given methodologies and project management, functional scoping and designing the complete solution to customer for its understanding about the upgrade

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