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Customized Solutions for Internet Startups

The advent of internet has opened a myriad of opportunities to entrepreneurs thereby making the whole world their market. A start-up in New York can target the Japanese with equal ease as a local New Yorker today owing to the massive adoption of the internet and computing devices. Essentially, an internet start-up is any start up where the platform for conducting business is on the internet. An easier, better or more innovative way to do something can be the next big internet start-up Before the times of Uber, who thought that one could make a billion-dollar enterprise out of organized hitch-hiking! The scope for internet start-ups widens drastically with advancements in technology.

Most successful internet start-ups today are those that either solve a problem or make life easier. The idea behind Facebook, one of the most successful internet start-ups of all time, was very simple- to enable people to connect with their friends. Facebook has successfully redefined the adage- ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. But today, Facebook is a habit for over a billion people worldwide which started as a side-project for the founder in his dorm-room at Harvard. An important point here that Facebook was not an innovator. There were a dozen social networks that came before Facebook. The success of Facebook is mainly because it simple, intuitive and engaging all of which together makes it addictive.

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Those are probably the most basic ingredients for any internet start-up to succeed. A million-dollar idea could just be a solution to a problem a million people face. The right execution is extremely important as is the positioning of the solution and timing of launch. ITWIX has been a part of many product journeys, right from ideation, design thinking, creation and launch of both POC as well as Market ready product. ITWIX has been the technology partner for over 200+ such startups, helping them bootstrap & reach over 7 digit acquisitions.

Some of the solutions built by us include-

  • Peer-to-peer car-sharing platform

  • On-demand services marketplace

  • On-demand taxi booking platform

  • Mobile Mechanic platform


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