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Food & Beverage Industry Outlook

Food and beverage industry is a fast growing one especially with rising awareness on health and fitness as well as focus on sustainability and convenience. Companies need to constantly innovate to offer users with unique experiences and technology is the catalyst in ensuring maximum customer outreach.

The importance of identifying customer preferences and trends and adapting to is critical to the industry. Prevalence of technology has facilitated a smoother functioning of otherwise labor-intensive, manual processes and business functions right from order management, inventory management, invoicing and POS. By doing so, technology promotes better visibility into business functions, helps manage people better and reduce operating costs considerably.

how we can help

The neighborhood pizza joint will now have to compete with fast-food biggies that have opened shop in the neighborhood too. But customers can just fire the app of the fast-food biggie on their smart phone and order for their customized pizza which will be delivered to their doorstep without them having to make the effort of making a phone call or driving out.

Having worked with multiple clients within the food and beverage industry have given ITWIX the requisite expertise in developing top-of-the class custom solutions.

Some of the solutions built by us include-

  • Custom food ordering platform

  • Restaurant deals mobile application

  • Inventory Management System

  • Restaurant Management software

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