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Relevance in Today’s World

A company’s website is their collateral against which its prospects; be it customers or employees value the organization. Be it simple informational, complex eCommerce sites or social media platforms, the basic purpose of having one is to create a reason for the visitor to keep returning to the site & eventually converting them into customers. Creating the right user experience, intelligent graphics, intuitive navigation along with functionality that outlooks naturally is always a challenging task as each user is unique. It’s sometimes better not to have a visitor than to lose one forever. While adhering to the international development standards creating a website is no less than a recipe that is liked globally by every user with diverse cultural, personal, educational & professional background. Despite having great looking site the challenge always remains to handle the traffic & balance it to avoid page delays without exceeding the hosting budget.

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Talking about traffic, no one website is bound to get uniform traffic at all times. Traffic that a site receives will vary at all times due to a myriad of factors. These factors could be internal or external. Internal factors could be pull strategies used by the business like special promotions, discounts and other marketing strategies. External factors are generally dictated by trend, seasons and so on. Here arises the need to ensure that the website has the wherewithal to support spikes in traffic, at the same time there shouldn’t be idle resources eating into the revenues of the business during lean days. Cloud hosting ensures adaptability to requirement thereby ensuring that technology resources run effectively in a cost-optimized manner. The advent of cloud has ensured that businesses no longer need to worry about huge upfront investments in terms of software, hardware and storage.

We have built and delivered a wide genre of websites that range from simple static sites to high traffic eCommerce & Social Media sites. Sites that reached over 10,000 registered users, 1,000,000 visitors a month, 500,000 blog posts and clocking over a million in revenues a year. ITWIX offers a broad portfolio of Cloud services to help our clients leverage the benefits of cloud technology. Apart from building your web applications, we also ensure that these applications are ported to the most appropriate cloud service that suits your system and internal requirements.

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