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                                                          Automotive Industry Outlook

Automotive sales have been growing at a respectable 5.7 percent on an average globally. The automotive industry comprises of Automotive Parts Manufacturers as well as distribution and Sales centers. Being a global industry with units typically spread across many countries and continents adds to the complexity of efficiently managing operations, sales and support.

Management guru Frederick W. Taylor, in his book The Principles of Scientific Management, spelt out a Principle- Science, not rule of thumb. This essentially means that one should not get stuck in a set routine with old techniques of doing work but should adapt to newer techniques which make work simpler, easier and quicker. Investment in the right technology solution can help reduce redundancies as well as bring down overheads. Using the right solutions can alleviate many a pain-point faced by companies in this sector.


                                                                        how we can help


TWIX, having worked with both industry megacorps as well as start-ups, has successfully architected custom solutions that both streamlined operations for its clients as well as reduced overheads substantially, to the tune of 48% for one of its clients. A few of the solutions that we have custom-built for our clients include-

  • ERP Suite

  • Inventory Management System

  • Database Management Software

  • Supply Chain Management Software

  • Maintenance and Service Scheduling Software

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