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3D Maya Design

         Maya 3D modeling services

Maya is an application used to generate 3D imagery for use in television, architecture, film, and game development. All scene elements of Maya are node-based, and each node has its own attributes and customization. In this case, the visual representation of a scene is based entirely on a network of interconnecting nodes that depend on each other for information. Maya makes it convenient for those viewing these networks to implement a dependency and a directed acyclic graph.

The Maya workforce has been involved in the development of 3D games, animation and graphical models of characters, weaponry, and other game assets due to their in-depth understanding of the feature-rich suites of 3ds Max and Autodesk.

Maya not only has features that make it the ideal software for 3D design, but it also benefits from interoperability with all major game engines, including Unreal, Unity, Stingray, Fusion, and Fusion 360. This makes it enormously valuable in maintaining the workflow of 3D game development with supreme efficiency. The features of Maya include:

  1. Direct interoperability with engines

  2. Voxel skinning and heatmap

  3. More text map styles

  4. Advanced Booleans for modeling

  5. MCG animation

  6. 3D art and shade renderer

  7. Simulation CFD support

  8. Workflow game exporter

  9. Quad chamfer

  10. Spline support

  11. Better DPI support

  12. Enhanced UV mapping

  13. Rich asset library

  14. Local mesh aligns

how we can help

The benefits of working with high-quality 3D modelers for your design project are ten-fold. Trust ITWIX experienced team who has experience in working on all types of projects. Whether you're in video game design or are looking to have a project model designed, look no further.

Feel free to reach out to us on to better understand how we can be the right technology partner that you have always been searching for..!!

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